Monday, 8 December 2014

December is the prettiest month

Welcome to Maeghan and I's pad! This apartment, which initially felt a little like a place for us to squat for a few months, sort of "happened" by accident. Our first place, a gorgeous 7th floor condo in a brand new building over looking the backside of Parliament and the river, was becoming more hassle than the glass-walled shower, granite counter tops, and walk-in closet could make up for so we had to move. However, finding a new place that could live up to the old one while still in our budget and in the downtown core proved to be quite the task. This place was not on our radar at all and we only visited it (I only visited it to humour Maeghan) to fill time before another viewing. But surprise surprise, the location, the unbeatable price, and the square footage won us over. 

The place more than fulfills our needs and we're slowly starting to add bits and pieces of decor that make it feel more like "us" and home. Luckily, December came quickly for us this year (luckily because December makes having a cute apartment easy). 

About a week back, I came out of the elevator and heard classic Christmas music in the hallway. As I opened the door to our unit, I realized that beautiful sound (can you tell I love Christmas??) was coming from in there. Maeghan had done the cutest thing; she had spent the afternoon searching for the perfect apartment-sized tree and brought it home along with some eggnog, candy canes, and Christmas chocolates. Now it wouldn't be an Emma and Meaghan event if there wasn't a bump in the road. It turns out, our perfect little tree had travelled on a truck all the way from Wisconsin and was refusing to let it's branches fall after being tied up for so long. This meant that we couldn't decorate it yet. So there it sat, for nearly a week, naked (...undecorated).  

This weekend while I did some christmas shopping, Maeghan finished the decorating. How beautiful it was to come home to an apartment lit only by Christmas lights and flickering candle almost made me forget about the parquet floors that drive me wild! 

In another effort to pretty-up our place and prepare for the holidays, I baked and decorated 2 dozen gingerbread cookies. While waiting for Maeghan to come home from work, I thought I would get ahead of the game and bake enough cookies to freeze for Christmas. For those of you who know my fiancée, you know this freezing thing wasn't going to happen. The day after I baked the cookies, Maeghan and I both took a few in our lunches. The difference, however, is that I ate one and shared the rest with my coworkers while Maeghan ate all of them herself. So of course, the cookies are already gone. At least its a testament to my baking skills, right?

For the next few weeks, we'll stick to sipping hot chocolate and eggnog while enjoying our beautifully decorated apartment...and I'll save my baking until the last minute so at least a few treats make it to our families. 

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