Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Bridesmaids or Bride's Maids

When I asked my wedding party to be a part of my special day I wanted to make sure that each of them felt just that, special and hand-chosen. I spent hours (ask Maeghan) scouring the internet for inspiration and assistance in this task. Finally, I came across the cutest cards from marrygrams on Esty.

These cards were both the perfect inspiration and addition to my bridesmaid ask. On the outside they read "something old, new, borrowed, blue...and most importantly I'll need you!" and on the inside "will you be my bridesmaid?". However, you can have the shop insert whatever title you'd like inside! For $13 for 4, these cards are a steal and really made my maids smile!

This project also called for a trip to Michaels (what project doesn't, really?). There I found this adorable card stock with various types of vintage-y designs on it. I used the card stock to write personalized letters for each of my wedding party attendants; embarrassing stories, sappy memories, and funny inside jokes quickly filled the card stock! Upon receipt of their snail mail, each of my maids called to tell me how happy, honoured, and excited they were. However, I'm not sure how many of them realized that along with being exciting, being a bridesmaid can sometimes be a tough job!

Maeghan and I's wedding will be totally DIY wedding and we need all hands on deck to make the day perfect. That's why I sometimes refer to my Bridesmaids as Bride's Maids...since they're kind of like my slaves some days. I drag them to tons of dress shops and confuse them immensely when I change my mind about a few thousand times. I overwhelm them with my excessive pinning and bug them to pin more! I demand that they hoard all of their tin cans and wine bottles (most of them inside their tiny apartments). I make them listen to me while I ramble on about menus, seating, table runners, thank-you gifts, and so many other tiny details that I shouldn't even be worrying about yet. On top of all of that, I force them into slavery and have them decorate endless mason jars with steaming hot glue. And we still have 276 days to go... (but who's counting?!)

But even when I'm boring them to death, or forcing them to waste days off or trips to visit me touring around or DIYing, they do it all with a smile on their face. Seems like I've chosen the best Bridesmaids, no?

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